Amended and Adopted April 21, 2010

Constitution and By-Laws Of The Rutherford Civic Association

Article 1: Name

The name of this organization shall be “The Rutherford Civic Association.”

Article II: Purpose

The purpose of this Association shall be to promote, protect, and foster the general welfare of the residents of the Rutherford area.

Article III: Geographical Boundaries

The geographical area encompassed by the Association shall be bounded on the north by Nester Road and Hadley Court; on the east by Guinea Rd; on the south by Bexley Lane and Hobart Court; and on the west by Olley Lane.  There are 707 households within these boundaries.

Article IV: Membership and Voting

Each household within the area is entitled to one vote in the affairs of the Association.

Article V: Finances

The fiscal year of the Association will be January 1 to December 31.  A voluntary contribution will be requested from each household on or before November 1st each year.  At the time of adoption of these amended By-Laws, the annual contribution is $10 per household.  Any proposed increase in the amount collected must be approved by a majority of the households in attendance at a general meeting of the Association.

Article VI: Meetings

A.  Regular Meetings: At least one general meeting of the Association shall be held annually in the Spring, at such date, time, and place as may be fixed by the Executive Board.

B.  Special Meetings: Special Meetings of the Association may be held at any time upon call of the President, or upon the call of a majority of the Executive Board.  A special meeting must be called by the President upon written request of ten (10) member households of the Association.  Such special meetings may transact only such business as is specified in the call therefor, and it shall be the duty of the President to ensure that adequate and timely written notice of the meeting is delivered to every member of the Association.

C.  Quorum: A quorum for the transaction of business at a regular or special meeting of the Association shall be ten (10) member households.  If there is less than a quorum at any meeting of the Association, the President shall adjourn the meeting to a future date.

D.  Parliamentary Procedure: “Roberts Rules of Order Revised” shall be parliamentary authority for the Association.

Article VII: Officers and Executive Board

A.  The principal officers of the Association shall consist of a President,

Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  At a minimum, the Executive Board shall consist of these four officers plus the Editors of the Association Newsletter and Rutherford Community Website.  The designated representative to the Braddock District Council shall also serve on the Executive Board, if he/she is someone other than one of the principal officers.  Other individuals may be asked to join the Executive Board as Members at Large, based on their significant contributions to the Rutherford Community as area representatives or project coordinators.

B.  The four principal officers of the Association shall be chosen by the membership each year at the annual Spring meeting, and shall hold office for one year, or until their successors are chosen.  If a principal officer resigns before his/her term expires, the Executive Board is authorized to make an interim appointment to fill such vacancy until the next general meeting is held.

C.  The Executive Board may select volunteers from the community to fill all other positions in the Association at any time that vacancies occur.

D.  The Executive Board shall be the policy-making body for the Association, and shall have general oversight and control of all activities of the Association.  In this capacity, the Board shall establish rules of usage for the Rutherford website and electronic message board(s), and shall have the authority at any time to create, modify, and enforce such rules of usage as the Board deems necessary and appropriate.

E.  The Executive Board shall meet upon call of the President to address specific issues of concern to the Rutherford Community; to authorize the expenditure of Association funds; to plan activities and set the agenda for regular and special meetings of the Association; and to conduct such other business as appropriate.

F.  A majority of the members of the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

Article VIII: Duties of Officers and Area Representatives  

A.  President: The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association and of the Executive Board.  In consultation with the Executive Board, the President shall also represent the interests of the Association before various Fairfax County government boards, agencies, and commissions, and before other community organizations and groups in the Braddock District.  The President may designate one or more officers of the Association, or other members of the Executive Board, to assist in the performance of these representational duties.  The President shall be a member ex-officio of all standing and special committees of the Association, and shall perform all other duties as usually pertain to the office.

B.  Vice President.  The Vice President shall make the arrangements for general and special meetings of the Association, and shall oversee the planning and arrangements for special neighborhood events sponsored by the Association.  The Vice President shall also be the principal liaison between the Executive Board and the Area Vice-Presidents and Block Captains.  The Vice-President shall maintain a current roster of these representatives, and shall assist the Board in filling any vacancies in these positions.  Should a vacancy occur in the Presidency, the Vice President shall assume the duties of the President until the Executive Board can meet to select an interim President in accordance with Article VII B.

C.  Secretary: The Secretary shall conduct or maintain records of all correspondence for the Association, and shall keep the minutes of all regular and special meetings of the Association, as well as those of the Executive Board.  The Secretary shall be the custodian of all Association records except the Treasurer’s book of accounts.

D.  Treasurer: The Treasurer shall have charge of all funds of the Association and shell keep them in such bank or banks as may be approved by the Executive Board, and shall disburse funds as necessary to the business of the Association.  The Treasurer shall keep an accurate account of all financial transactions of the Association and render a detailed report upon request at any regular or special meeting or those of the Executive Board.  The Treasurer shall report the financial condition of the Association at the regular meetings.  At the direction of the President, the Treasurer shall open his/her records to audit at any time.

E.  Newsletter Editor: The Newsletter Editor shall be the coordinator of internal communications for the Association membership, and, as such, shall be a standing member of the Executive Board.  The Editor shall prepare periodic newsletters or flyers informing the  membership of significant community and Association matters of interest, including announcement of all regular and special  meetings of the Association.

F.  Area Vice Presidents:   Nine Area Vice-President shall represent the families living in the various geographical subdivisions of the Association.  Area Vice-Presidents shall be responsible for the timely distribution of information from the Association (e.g.  newsletters and the Rutherford Directory) to all families in their area through a network of Block Captains.  Area Vice Presidents shall work with Block Captains to ensure that newcomers are welcomed to the area and provided information on the Association.  Area Vice Presidents shall also participate in regular and special meetings of the Association, and shall be responsible for relaying the interests and concerns of their area to the Executive Board at any time.  The Executive Board shall meet with the Area Vice Presidents at least annually at the general meeting, and may seek their assistance at various times to perform representational and other functions benefitting the community at large.

G.  Block Captains: Block Captains shall deliver informational materials from the Association to individual homes in their designated neighborhood on a timely basis, and shall have the primary responsibility for welcoming newcomers to the area.  Block Captains shall also provide the names, addresses, and phone numbers of newcomers to the Rutherford Directory Coordinator for inclusion in the next updated Directory.  Block Captains, in conjunction with the Area Vice Presidents, shall identify any neighborhood issues that need to be addressed by the Executive Board.

Article IX: Project Coordinators

The Executive Board shall appoint the following Project Coordinators:

A.  Neighborhood Watch Chief: Recruits, equips, and maintains a cadre of volunteers to patrol the Rutherford neighborhoods and report suspicious behavior to the police.  The Chief will keep the Executive Board advised of significant new or recurring safety concerns for the Rutherford Community.

B.  Rutherford Directory Editor: Oversees the maintenance of current listings of all residents in the area covered by the Association; solicits advertisers; and compiles and arranges for printing a new Rutherford Directory approximately every two years.

C.  Web-Site Editor: Establishes and maintains an up-to-date web site, containing  information on the activities of the Association and of other neighborhood groups, including the Rutherford Pool.

D.  Additional Project Coordinators may be appointed by the President, with the approval of the Executive Board.  Such positions may be abolished at any time by a majority vote of the Board.

Article X: Nominations and Elections

On an annual basis, the Executive Committee shall solicit–by means of the Association newsletter distributed to all residents–volunteers to serve in the four principal officer positions. The resulting slate of candidates will be presented to the membership at the regular Spring meeting for confirmation, or for a vote if there is more than one candidate for a position.  Nominations from the floor will be accepted prior to the election. The Executive Board may solicit volunteers and fill all other positions in the Association at any time during the year.

Article XI: Amendments  

Proposed Amendments to this Constitution and By-Laws may be initiated at any time by the Executive Board, or by any member household petitioning the Board.  The proposed changes shall be ratified or rejected at the next regular meeting of the Association.

Article XII: Dissolution

In the event the Association is dissolved, the assets of the organization shall be distributed to any qualified Internal Revenue Code Sec. 501( c)(3) charitable organization selected by the Executive Board.

Article XIII: Effective Date

These amended by-laws shall become effective on April 21, 2010.

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