RCA Board Meeting Minutes
Sunday, January 28, 2018
High tea at Julia’s 🙂

Present: Julia Wilson, Fred Zamon, Mary Rizek, Christine Brim, Jennie DeVeaux, Linda Zack,
Kathy Nice, Anne Prior, Renee Faulkner

Three Board positions (President, Vice President, and Treasurer) will be vacant this year.
Discussion of how to identify/recruit candidates: form a nominating committee? Co-presidency
instead of one position? Board members to think of neighbors/friends they know who might be
willing to serve. Fred Zamon suggested that the bylaws be disseminated so people understand
what each position is (already on website). The suggestion was also made to post on the
website/listserv what position entails and approximately how many hours it requires.
Newsletter/listserv to be used to call for nominees/volunteers.

Spring event at the park? Use pool parking lot to avoid Fairfax County park regulations?
Publicize on website/social media.

Date for spring RCA meeting discussed. Linda Zack will check on Little Run cafeteria
availability for 4/24 at 7:30.

RCA banner for pool discussed. Kathy Nice will research.

Newsletter items discussed (spring meeting, Julia’s farewell, winning Rutherford slogan,
definition of what the community is/is not, etc.) Emphasize end of session, call for
nominees/volunteers for board slots. Newsletter targeted for mid-March.

Treasurer report: Funds are down to about $4,000. Need to do regular reminders on listserv to
donate annual dues, highlight what we’ve done with the money and urge to donate. Emphasis on
keeping 2018-19 directory costs much lower!!

Fred mentioned that when donations to schools first started, each was invited to do a presentation
to the board about use of funds for tech. Any interest in reviving that?

Suggestion to print thank-you notes for donations on the website and in newsletter

Discussion of “hiring” a young person (Evan Flint clone) to update the website.

Linda/Anne to create form to mail to all “Neighbor At’ listings in directory to try and fill in the
blanks. Approximately 75 names missing. Jennie DeVeaux has reached out to the two names on

Suggestion to translate key pages of the website into Korean/Chinese/Vietnamese/Spanish,
identify community member who could proofread results.

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