Rutherford Civic Association Meeting

November 3, 2016.  7:30-9:15pm


The RCA Meeting opened with Vice-President Jennie Garon introducing Detective Rich Downham.  He spoke about Fraud and Financial Crimes.  Some of his tips included….

Fairfax County police offer the following tips regarding identity theft and fraud:

  • Review credit reports annually
  1. Experian: Fraud/credit history, 888-397-3742;
  2. Trans Union: Fraud, 800-680-7289; Credit history, 800-888-4213;
  3. Equifax: Fraud, 800-525-6285; Credit report, 800-685-1111.

www.annualcreditreport.com   is the best way to review your credit reports

  • Opt out of receiving pre-approved credit card applications by calling 888-567-8688.
  • Monitor credit cards and bank accounts online for early fraud detection.
  • Don’t mail bills from home; use electronic banking, if possible.
  • Victims of identity theft should get a police report and secure a seven-year fraud alert or a credit freeze.
  • People 70 and older should contact the credit bureaus and obtain a credit freeze, even if they’re not currently identity theft victims.
  • Never wire money to strangers online; these requests are scams.
  • Check Charities before you give  www.charitynavigator.org .  Do not give to telephone marketers who are allowed to keep 80-90 percent of what they collect from you.

After Detective Downham’s presentation, Heidi Garvis spoke about the Neighbor to Neighbor program.  Heidi explained the program and said that the program is in need of volunteers to help with the program.

Jennie mentioned that RCA annual dues are being collected at this time.  To submit payment, please send to Kathy Nice.

Jennie said RCA is still looking for a Baddock District Representative.  Christine Brim volunteered to be the representative.

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