Rutherford Civic Association Board Meeting




  • Introductions, in attendance were Julia Wilson, Jennie Deveaux, Linda Zach, Christine Brim, Mary Rizek, Kathy Nice, Heidi Garvis, Fred Zamon, Nancy, Jenny Raymer, Anne Prior, and Cindy
  • Fall Festival – Should we ask to join the pool’s Truck-or-Treat celebration or hold our own event? Jenny Raymer, Jennie Deveaux, and possibly Jen Blackford will make recommendation to the board at a later date. (Jen Blackford volunteered last year to help, but was not in attendance for this meeting). At this time we are unsure if we will be able to get the Fall Festival games out of storage in time. They are in long term storage due to Jennie’s house fire.
  • Should the RCA host a neighborhood pet parade? Discussed, but nothing set in place.
  • CERT update from Christine Brim – may possibly have a CERT training event Rutherford at a later date.
  • RCA Website – Christine Brim and Evan are working on this. Using Word Press. They will look at King’s Park West and Mantua’s neighborhood websites for ideas.
  • National Night Out – there might be insurance issues with using the pool. Kathy Nice will check with the pool board and see if we will be able to hold National Night Out at the pool.
  • Block Captain and Area VP jobs – Linda Zach, Artie, and Anne Prior will work on creating a welcome kit for new neighbors in Rutherford. We discussed having a meeting with Block Captains and Area VPs to go over duties and responsibilities.
  • Neighborhood Watch – Kent Garvis will work on adding Foot Patrols with hats or vests to the current Neighborhood Watch program.
  • Next door. Com – we will hold off on joining with this on-line neighborhood community
  • Braddock District Representative – Fred Zamon stepped down as our current representative and we now need a new representative.
  • Aging in Place – Heidi Garvis will add a survey to the RCA Summer Newsletter and report results to the board
  • November RCA meeting – Julia Wilson is working on getting a speaker for this meeting.

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